Enhancing the Loan Lifecycle

Liquid Mortgage provides a seamless solution for end-to-end loan validation, documentation, and payments.

Account Management

Permissions and access to data are given and managed on a distributed ledger for all counterparties over the life of the loan.

Digital Asset Creation

A one-to-one loan-backed digital asset is created at onboarding. All future loan transactions are attributed directly to this digital asset.

Document Management

Seamless document uploading, categorization, and tracking with a unique digital footprint applied to each document and permanently recorded.

Payment Tracking

Partner with existing servicers to convert timely payment data into immutable records over the life of the loan.

Portfolio Tools

Manage loan portfolios with portfolio summaries, loan-level analysis, document tracking, and cashflow monitoring.

Market Coverage

Residential Mortgages

Commercial Mortgages

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