Moving Mortgages Forward

Increasing Efficiency and Transparency,
One Loan at a Time

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Liquid Mortgage directly connects borrowers and lenders, providing a more fluid relationship than the traditional model.

Borrowers receive a single platform to manage payments and data over the life of each loan.
In return, we work with originators to lower mortgage rates.
Lenders benefit from lower costs, increased transparency, and transaction certainty.


Efficient Onboarding

Once your mortgage loan has been originated, we work with the loan originator for a seamless transition.

Payment Management

Over the life of your loan, you will only make payments through Liquid Mortgage. We direct the funds to the correct mortgage holder.

Loan & Data Management

We provide tools to help manage your loan and show you what options are available. Own your data and choose how you share it.


Cashflow Management

Loan payments and cashflows are directed automatically by Liquid Mortgage to the appropriate holders.

Transaction Validation

Payments and transactions are immediately validated and confirmed by Liquid Mortgage. Loan data is accurate, verified, and immutable.

Portfolio Management

Tools to manage portfolios of loans, including: portfolio analysis, loan-level analysis, and loan trading.

How to Get Started


If you have an access code from your originator, click on the button below to register. If your lender is not currently using Liquid Mortgage, have them contact us directly.

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Liquid Mortgage is working directly with Preferred Originators and Lenders. If you would like access to the platform or to become a Preferred Member, email

For additional information or to speak with us directly, email and we will respond promptly.