Moving Loans Forward

A digital asset platform changing the way borrowers and loan holders interact.

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Individual and Corporate borrowers recieve one platform to manage loan documentation, payments, and direct interaction with loan holders.

Loan holders benefit from lower costs, increased transparency, and transaction certainty with the option to create unique risk profiles through loan fractionalization.

Product Coverage

Residential Mortgages

Commercial Mortgages


Efficient Onboarding

Once your loan has been originated, we work with the loan originator for a seamless transition.

Payment Management

Over the life of your loan, you will only make payments through Liquid Mortgage. We direct the funds to the correct loan holder.

Loan & Data Management

We provide tools to help manage your loan and show you what options are available. Own your data and choose how you share it.

Loan Investors

Cashflow Management

Loan payments and cashflows are immediately transfered from borrower to loan holders, all recorded on a distributed ledger.

Transaction Validation

Payments and transactions are immediately validated and confirmed by Liquid Mortgage. Loan data is accurate, verified, and immutable.

Portfolio Management

Tools to manage portfolios of loans, including: portfolio analysis, loan-level analysis, and loan trading.

How to Get Started

Loan Originators

If you would like to discuss partnerships or begin onboarding loans today, please email us at

Loan Investors

Interested in a demo or testing the platform to manage a current portfolio or new loans? Please email

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